1. About the project

       1.2 Purpose of the project

2. For investors

       2.1 Price policy

3. PRE-ICo

         3.1 How to join to PRE-ICO

4. ICO

5. Info about MARV coin

        5.1 How and where to hold MARV coins


12k+ already applied to AIRDROP

3.8k+ in MARV chat in Telegram

    Everything is achievable through technology.

Better living. Robust health.

And for the first time in human history, the possibility of world peace. So from all of us here at this project I would like to personally introduce you to the MARV coins. Project holds infinite possibilities for mankind.

Soon the project will affect the way you live your life every day. Spending more time, leisure activities and enjoying sweet life. Welcome!

1. Short story about the project

The main idea of MARV coin is create blockchain community with not only who loves Marvel heroes, watch Marvel movies, serials and who grew up on comics. 

Community which dream of heroes who may be living among us in real life, inspire us and help us with our issues.

1.2 Purpose of the project

The purpose it’s connect enough people who is ready to support the project to realize global targets. 

Also we will create marv wallet for different marv heroes. Every hero will have his own coin and target. 

For example: More then 95 million trees on all planet are annually cut down every year. Coin Groot will plant trees around the world, perhaps one of this tree will be in front of your house with the sign “I am Groot”.

Another example: Iron Man coin will support development and start-ups of artificial intelligence.

All this will happen after success pre-ICO and ICO.

I should say that MARV coin is the main coin which will own another coins of famous heroes. So it’s not only about MARVEL it’s about powers of it that can help the world in real life.

And off course you can hold coins in your wallet just because you love MARVEL, your kids love, nephews and nieces or grand kids. Good to keep all famous heroes in your collection.

Good advantage is that MARV coin will grow every MARVEL premiere film. 

2. For investors

It’s a good possibility to get perspective coin which grow fast in your investment portfolio and later you can achieve financial benefit. 

The coin will grow for sure because of new Marvel premiere films, new global projects with MARV heroes, many people want to have it in their wallets. 

To have different MARV heroes coins ( hulk coin, groot coin and ect) will be only possible if you have MARV coins. 

Many people will dream to have them in their wallets. Different heroes coins and MARV wallet will come soon after success pre-ICO and ICO. 

2.1 The price policy

The price policy of coin is built of necessary quantity of a sum of money for implementation of the purposes.

Necessary amount: 151 428 ETH

Therefore the pre-sale price: 0.10 USD for 1 MARV coin


DATE for PRE-ICO 17-24 oct right after free-airdrop will finish.

30 000 000 MARV coin  will be sold out at the price of 0.10 USD.

The termination of PRE-ICO can take place earlier if all coins will sold out. 

Anyone can participate in pre-ico.    

You will get your MARV coins to your wallet INSTANTLY after the purchase.

3.1 How to join pre-ico:

1.send the amount that you want 

to the wallets of project :


2.go to the website and fill the form

3. after purchase and filled form 

you will receive instantly your coins

4. ICO 

Periods and all about the ico will be known after carrying out pre-ico and it's results.

The chat in Telegram for combining of participants ico will be created also after pre-ico.        

On ICO 100 000 000 marv coins will be sold at the preliminary price of 0.5 USD . 

The price and the stages ico can change from results of PRE-ICO


MARV coins is an ERC20 version on the Ethereum blockchain
Contract address: 0x803a145c977c2f2ac26cdbd165a2d873485fdbd0
name: marvel coinsymbol: MARVdec: 18Total supply: 160 000 000
- 100kk coins for ICO- 30kk coins for pre-sale- 20kk for team to work on project- 10kk coins for airdrop
Start PRE-SALE price: 0.10 USD
Start ICO price 0.50 USD

5.1 How and where to hold MARV coins

To see MARV coins in your wallet download IMTOKEN for mobile phones or  MYETHERWALLET and ETHEREUM WALLET for decktop. 

Or wait for MARV wallet and you will see there your lovely coins and other famous heroes.  

6. free-airdrop

10 000 000 MARV coins will be distributed free for AIRDROP.

AIRDROP passed since October 11-16. More 12th thousand requests was sent for receiving airdrop (all requests will be checked by our team)

Every who joined to AIRDROP on our website in the period of airdrop will receive for free 1000 MARV, as promised.

Participants of airdrop will receive the free MARV coins only after carrying out all stages ICO. it's not easy. gas prices are high and the airdrop will cost tons for us. so please be patient, you will get your coins.

If you want to receive the free coins instantly, you can join pre-sale (it is at least 1.000 MARV coins) and you will receive the bought coins and free coins airdrop instantly to your wallet.

AIRDROP will finish in


Join us now

 and get your

160 000 000 MARV coins

join us in Telegram chat

  Public MARV COIN


Donate 0.01 eth and you will get your coins in a first line ETH WALLET 0x5A1A289695cc4CA5cD534591Cd7D78FDc8F433BF

Unfortunately the gas for celivery cost for us a minimum 0.4$ :(((((( so please be kindAIRDROP 1000 marvel

AIRDROP = 1000 marvel

0.01 eth = 2000 marvel

0.1 eth = 30 000 marvel

0.5 eth = 250 000 marvel

1 eth = 500 000 marvel

Donate 0.01 eth and you will get your coins in a first line ETH WALLET 0x5A1A289695cc4CA5cD534591Cd7D78FDc8F433BF

Unfortunately the gas for celivery cost for us a minimum 0.4$ :(((((( so please be kindAIRDROP 1000 marvel
AIRDROP = 1000 marvel
0.01 eth = 2000 marvel
0.1 eth = 30 000 marvel
0.5 eth = 250 000 marvel
1 eth = 500 000 marvel



Anthony Stark
ceo, Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist - For peace 

Steven Rogers
cfo, The First Avenger, captain america
- I'm not saying it's impossible. But there would have to be safeguards.

Thor Odinson
cso, The Big Blonde Dude with the Hammer
- That is your win

Bruce Banner
cto, Big Green Guy, hulk, doc
- Something is coming your way..something big

Natalia Romanoff
cio, The Famous Black Widow
- Let's finish the job

Clint Barton
coo, Hawkeye
- Just can't seem to miss

Loki Laufeyson
cao, LOKI, good boy
- This time I'm not quilty!

Virginia Potts
secretary, Pepper Potts
- I do anything and everything. including occasionally taking out the trash.

Wade Wilson
cmo, Deadpool- Okey-dokey. ussually people hire me to kill someone 

 Rocket Raccoon
cvo, The Baddest of Baddests
- Ain't no thing like me 'cept me!

Angry Little Tree
- I am groot